Saturday, January 7, 2012

Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

Hi guys,
I am posting a video of barbie birthday party.
I used princess invitation cards because of lack of time. Didn´t have time for making cards.
I bought barbie supplies from a toy shop. It was very cheap. I took white balloons and wrote a thank you note with marker on them. Every girl got a balloon at the end of the party.
I had acessories to make girls feel like they were barbies. They got crown, rings, nail polish and ear rings. and that was success.
I bought piniata without any theme because that was cheaper. and then pasted a barbie balloon.
we had some games too. I wrote some funny activities at the little pieces of paper. Every girl had to choose a chit when music stopped and perform that activity.
We can also print out some barbie coloring pages and girls can color their own sheet and take home.
For cake, we bought a barbie dress and took some pictures of birthday girl wearing that dress and chooses a picture for cake.
Hope you like it!
YouTube - Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

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