Thursday, October 7, 2010

Play Leraning for your Preschoolers

You preschooler needs a lot of attention and different ways to use his/her energy in the right direction.
Children can learn planty of things in this age, we just give them opportunity to use time sensiblely.
There are many cartoons characters on the tv which are popular among the children. You can choose a one your kid like.This method really works :) An example is
My daughter is very fond of Hello-kitty, so i used Hello-kitty theme. Bought many books and alots of stuff but it didn't take more than 2 days and wohle book is finished. Then i come to a new idea. I just bought a hello-kitty file (cover) and printed out worksheets from internett. You can print as many as you want and you know best the eye q level of your kid.
If you want to make it little bit exceiting, you can print color pages of same theme, maths worksheets and alphabet worksheets. You can add some creativity too by giving child a doted paper and tell him/her to cut along the dots with the help of children scissors. Child can cut her/his favourite pictures and paste them. Draw some pictures. And you can preserve all this as a memory.
Some examples to show you guys

After some time, when you have an intelligent kid, you can give him/her reward.
Just print out award for them and you have a happy kid :D
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